What goes into making an awesome website design?

Just as the creation of a company takes planning and foresight, an excellent website design requires the same level of dedication to planning and uttermost attention to detail.

It really is all about branding. If your Kenya based business website does not adequately present information about your products and services, then your site will have a lower number of visitors than those who have put the required effort into the formatting of their website.

The aim of creating an excellent website design, not just a good one, is to entice and captivate your Kenyan visitor’s attention to stay longer on a given page and possibly become your customers.

Below we have documented a few steps we at Wit Design Kenya take during the process of creating awesome website design work for our Kenyan customers. We hope these will offer insight into what it takes to come up with a good website design.


STEP 1: Plan for success and you will get there

We will use the website redesign we did for InVhestia, a Nairobi-based financial advisory firm to help us delve into some of the steps we take when developing a website.

How did the public view InVhestia’s image and services? How could we use the resulting information to create a website that would yield business?

Prospective clients already knew what InVhestia offered before visiting their website. How? InVhestia worked tirelessly to build its image through the services it offered and the work of its employees. InVhestia had been doing this before working seriously on its online presence, so that its image was consistent, strong and represented the company.

Before beginning on their website design, we needed to plan around the image they wanted to portray online. When prospective clients searched for them, what did they want them to see? How did they want the website visitors to feel? What communication strategy did we want to use?  We needed to consider what InVhestia does and why they are different.

We included client’s testimonials. Helped in attracting more clients to add on their database. It needed to be easily navigable, to captivate the visitor’s interest. Offering a visitor something to whet their tongue and encourage contacting InVhestia. We looked at InVhestia from a visitor’s point of view and built the website up around the information we found would be of main interest to a visitor.


STEP 2: The design station

A website designer from time to time will work with the client to come up with the colors, layout and functionality of the pages. Font families, font colors, font sizes are the basic determinations when it comes to creating a website, creating the logo concept.

For InvHestia, their colors blue and green influenced a sense of security, trust and new growth. Picking the right colors plays a part in influencing visitors to keep reading. The right  fonts make reading easier  and thus pick  the readers’ interest which leads to more site visits which leads them to the business services which in turn becomes sales.

Step 3. The design plan and development

Again, planning here is crucial. Finding or rather creating content for a website is important. What content will go on the site, where will articles be placed, headers, and the general content? How does the website keep running and updated? Coding is one of the technical aspects that go into website design. The best website content won’t maintain visitors if the technical side of things isn’t running properly.

These are just some of the elements that arose before and during planning and development of InVhestia website.


STEP 4. Content is key

If potential customers arrive to a website that doesn’t offer the right materials, services, newsletters they will basically leave.  Deciding what content you need to offer to your clients is something one needs to examine. Search Queries are what leads potential customers to a website. The content that is placed in a website is what gears it to be at the top of search queries searching for the latest and original content.

After creating and planning content we made a site map that makes InVhestia’s website easily navigable to visitors. Having the best content and placing all your hopes and dreams on it will not benefit a business if it’s buried knee deep in the website with multitude of click-through webpages. Again, visitors point of view. They’ll get exhausted and give up if they get this.

By examining the above simple steps, as we design a website, we guarantee that your website will not only be excellent but will drive better quality traffic to your website and serve your clients online.

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