What feature should my website have?

Below is a list of features that we can deliver with any website we create for you. We can always do a lot more if you have specific need, however, the list below is for standard features wit the websites we create for you. Remember to get in touch if you have a need we can help you meet.

1. CMS – WordPress
WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or app. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when Wit design has experience expanding it to do what we need through the use of building our own plugins. This means we are only limited by our imagination in website development.

2. Maps
We will integrate live maps on the website so that you can show locations or projects, offices and anything else you would like to show on the map. Each marker will be beautiful and they can be different for types of markers.

3. Projects Section
This section will allow you to highlight the different work you are doing, you will be able to add and remove projects as you like with no limitations. Each project will also have its own page where you can add a limitless amount of content.

4. Shop for branded items
You will here be able to sell branded and other items and receive money through PayPal. There is no limit to the items you can sell here.

5. Design
At Wit Design Kenya, our strengths lie in our rich design background. We are confident that you will have a unique website that looks like no other.

6. Forms and Downloads
We can host these on one page, from that page, users can choose whether to fill a form online or download the form then scan or mail it.

7. Search Engine Optimization
The website will be built with the objective of doing well on search engines. This is very high on our list of priorities. As such, we will make it very easy for you to post optimized content on the website.

8. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
We will use these languages to ensure the experience delivered to website visitors is rich and rewarding.

9. Responsive Design
This refers to building a website that is context aware, i.e. it knows whether it is on a mobile phone, tablet or computer and delivers the best experience for that device.

10. Analytics
This feature will allow you to know in great detail just how well your website is working for you, with metrics from time spent on the site to what pages are most engaging.

11. Sitemap
This is a page that lists all the pages on your website and tells search engine where they are as well as what priority to give them when ranking individual pages.

12. Security
Because we are using an open source system to deliver vast amounts of flexibility at truly low prices for you, we then invest heavily in security, installing and configuring server side firewalls and scripts that work non-stop to keep your website safe for malicious visitors.

13. News / Blog
We believe the heart to keeping a website fresh is posting photos, news and blog posts that are engaging and keep visitors coming back.

14. Impact Stories
We will give this type of content high priority as it speaks to the purpose of the organization and why it exists. We can either run these from the media section or create a unique section where these can be found individually.

15. Pages, news and galleries
Wit will set up a few for the client, but, these are unlimited in WordPress and you are free to create as many as you want over time. The set-up we deliver will be able to handle this. Only concern will be hosting capacity as your website grows and visitors become more engaged.

16. Social media integration
We will have your social media feeds on the website and visitors will quickly be abelt o engage with you on these platforms.

17. Social media sharing
We will allow visitors to take any content they see o the website and share this on their own social media freely.