We take mathematics over design any day

No, we haven’t given up on graphic design design and moved into astronomical theoretical physics! We are just saying that when it comes to choosing between the chance to create a design masterpiece or heard-nosed result-based graphic design, we will go for the bean counting option.

Let us clarify a little. When you come to Wit Design Kenya and say, I own a flower farm in Nanyuki and I would like some logo design done. Wit Design Kenya will immediately begin a process of attempting to understand your business and what makes you different from competitors. What makes your customers love you and what you bring to the field that no one else does.

With this understanding of your business, why it exists and what makes you different, we are able to identify the elements that will give us the best chance to develop artwork that your target clients can connect best to. To explain this better, lets discuss briefly the two approaches this scenario is usually met with by creative in Kenya.

Design for a masterpiece

This is a type of design that takes its roots from classical art. The desire to create something only you can create, something that is unique and may not necessarily point to anything within your example.


This approach usually yields brilliant and interesting to look at artwork, but, often, there is no link between what is created and the organization it is created for. Work like this is often more readily identified with the creators of the work than the organizations for which it has been created.

Design to solve a problem

This used often to arrive at the best ergonomic solution. This type of design is used to come up with solutions to problems like developing chairs that minimize back pain but maximize sitting time. The result needn’t necessarily look good. It does, however, need to solve the stated problem.

The design that is likely to win in the end actually is the one that solves the problem best. Design can always be worked into the solution later, however, the best solution is what we are looking for here.

The Wit Design Kenya way

We have been doing design for over 13 years. We have worked in big agencies, in small design studios and everything in between. We have had clients that own airlines and clients that make fishing flies. We have worked for multinationals and small scale single person businesses.

In that time, we have learned that everyone of these clients has a clear business objective – often we have had to root this out using our questionnaires and field investigation work, but, finding the business objective has always yielded one thing: A happy client.

When we began to monitor which clients were happier than others, we found that the happiest clients were those that had clear business objectives outlined in the brief a wit design creative received. This at first seemed to be a matter of how prepared the client was, after all we are creatives, we work to meet a client’s expectations.

The problem arose when the client was not very clear on a business objective and we had not bothered to tie them down to one. We found clients were unhappy across the entire spectrum, big clients and small clients, when we did not force an objective for the creative projects at hand.

This yielded the unique approach Wit Design Kenya brings to the table where we put our creative minds to work to create the most unique design for you, but, only after we have established a clear business goal for the work we are about to do.

By establishing a clear business goal, you as our client are able to see for yourself the results of the work we do in a measurable way.

Let’s talk about how we can deliver some measurable creative work for you.

By Job Ballard