Ways to get best and effective value out of your website designer

Ever had a sit down with a web site designer somewhere in a Nairobi office who promised a brilliant and awesome website but all you got was zilch, nothing? Just a big mess.

You do not have to be a pro, but, you definitely know what’s good and what’s basically not. You also know when you’re not getting value for your hard earned Kenya shillings. All you wanted was an effective website that would help with your online presence, and what you got instead wasn’t worth the pixels it was so lavishly painted on. And what’s just heartbreaking is that you have to start over. Never getting back the time spent, burned through a lot of cash, hurt your business’s reputation, and now you have to start all over again.

It’s terrifying to say the least because, worst case scenario, what if round two is just as bad or a recurring nightmare?

Well, we’re not going to let it happen again. Here are some 8 tips that will help you to know when you are getting the very best value from your website designer…

1. Be Realistic about your budget

Websites cost money, even in downtown Nairobi. The more complex and extensive they are, the more they cost. Website designers aren’t miracle workers, it doesn’t make sense for you to turn up with a few Kenya shillings and expect a marvel. However, if you’re on a tight budget, approach your website designer and explain your issue. Be honest and forthcoming about your relatively tight budget and we’ll enjoy a pragmatic, positive, realistic discussion, no matter how low key your resources.

2. Talk about the duration of design instead of what’s possible

It makes sense to ask how long something will take instead of asking whether it’s possible. This opens up more choices and doing so means the next question that follows naturally: How much time would you like us to spend solving the problem?

Almost anything is possible. However, if your budget only covers a few hours’ work and the solution you’ve dreamed up will take days or weeks to achieve, the options you will have are limited.

3. Present us with the issue and ask for a solution

With the best will in the world and at heart, client-generated ideas have proven to be often how do I put this politely, clumsy. This is because they are thought of and formulated without a good understanding of the field of website design. Client’s ideas are often like client originated architectural work, without a good understanding of the industry, it will be poor at best and dangerous at worst.

Most of our clients have specific problems that want to be solved. However, instead of letting us handle it from a professional point of view and present the best solution, all too often they come up with the solution already in mind.

While you do understand the problems you’re facing, it is wise to know we’re the best qualified to explore it and recommend the most sensible, cost effective and robust solutions. When you do have a meeting with your website designer, asking questions like ‘what is the most cost effective way to solve my problem?’ means you’re getting the most out of your relationship.

4. Understanding and respecting Website Design as a profession

We are a prestigious website agency. Been at it for 13 years and still counting. Not just a It’s-just-me-and-my-laptop-sitting-at-home-in –my –undies kinda thing.

The best website designers did not just become exemplary graphic designers just after a few days or weeks. They needed to do it all day, every day, for years. Web design is a serious skill, a proper profession, not just something anyone can pick up because they’re bored out of their wit’s end.

Web designers understand the intricate ins and outs of complicated stuff like coding and Graphical User Interface. And their expertise is worth paying for when it delivers.

We are capable of understanding the business need for a project and providing a professional solution with the right impact.

5. Responsive Web Design

Whatever industry, sector, you’re in, audience you’re relaying a message to or services you’re selling, it is absolutely essential for your website to work equally on mobile phones and tablets as it does on a desktop screen. It isn’t an afterthought.

Responsiveness isn’t something you can just drop if your budget isn’t able to accommodate it. It’s not the extra fries with your burger. Doing so could have quite the negative impact to your website. Some website designers don’t do responsive. Others do only if you ask. We do it naturally. Besides, everything we do is responsive.

6. Love your Web Developer Wireframes

Wire-framing is an important step in the website design process. It primarily allows us to define the hierarchy of your website design, making it easier for us to plan the layout according to how you want your visitors to process the information. It’s basically a visual guide, a skeletal website framework.

While it only takes a few minutes to change a wire frame, it takes much longer to change a design and even longer to make changes to a test or live website. With the assistance of wireframes, you can identify and work out on issues early, faster and more easily than if you leave it until later in the design and build process. In the long run, it will make the entire design process a breeze and more cost effective.

When having a meeting with your website designer, if they do come with their own suggestions of wireframes do listen to them and make your own suggestions in return. It could be the most important meeting of all and your Kenyan website will be the best it can be as an aftereffect.

7. Get your content ready

A good website designer will give you a definite indication of what content is needed, by when, in what format, and including which keywords.

However, if you don’t have content and can’t write it yourself, we can do it for you professionally by working with a good copywriter. It’s better to be prepared than face delays just when your site is ready in every other way.

8. Trust the Website designer

It’s important to trust your website designer, even in Nairobi, to do the best possible job for you. If you’ve chosen well, they’ll have all the right levels of expertise in everything from graphic design, web development, content creation, communications, branding and everything else that contributes to present an exceptional online presence to Kenyans.

Whether you’re an accountant, financial advisor, lawyer, photoshop guy or whatever you’re an expert in your field. So are we. We know our stuff.

Not happy with your current website designer or need help with a new website design? You can trust us to get it right every time.