J W Nduati & Associates Profile Design

Client: J W Nduati & Associates Profile Design

Category: Legal Services

Project tasks: Profile Design

Year: 2017


Project: Profile design for a Nairobi law firm, Kenya

J W Nduati & Associates approached Wit Design Kenya to develop a profile for the firm and to turn it around in under 24 hours. We had meetings to establish what the firm wanted to communicate and to whom then went away and delivered the printed profiles to the client in under 24 hours.

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Merge Systems Profile Design

Client: Merge Systems
Category: IT Infrastructure
Project tasks: Company Profile Design
Year: 2017
Country: Kenya

Merge Systems is a player in IT infrastructure sector. They specialise in rolling out IT infrastructure that is effective and contains zero bloat allowing its clients to get the most out of the spend made on existing and new equipment. Merge Systems’ unique ability to use different hardware and software providers is what makes makes them uniquely able to maximise infrastructure efficiency.

We developed a company profile around that foundation, promising current and potential clients that their IT infrastructure will be as efficient as an athlete at the top of their game. Merge makes Winners!

Malu Ranch Brochure Design

Client: Malu Ranch

Category: Profile Design

Year: 2016

Country: Kenya

Project: Develop a short profile that will position the offering appropriately

Malu Ranch approached us to develop a profile for them that was brief, high quality, but, impactful. We went to work by researching the offering and found that the property on sale was unique and what a buyer was actually buying was not property in Malu so much as an untested conservation model.

We packaged this unique insight into a large (because the parcels on sale are large) U-fold profile with short sharp information (because the target clients are a busy sort) and imagery that helped communicate the experiment we perceived buyers would be part of.

We are watching keenly and we are certain that this unique concept will take off and it will work in the process providing a profitable solution to large land owners and the wildlife that happens to find itself on their land.


Invhestia Profile Design

Client: InVhestia

Category: Profile Design

Year: 2016

Country: Kenya

Project: Generating collateral for InVhestia to use in business development

InVhestia approached us about the development of collateral for their business development unit. They wanted high quality material that they could use as they went about Nairobi looking for business.

We developed an idea based around the theory that working with InVhestia reduced the risk around business decisions you make from a gamble to a smart decision. We rolled out the campaign on several media.

Mexipro Agencies Profile Design

Client: Mexipro Agencies
Category: Wholesale and retail or electrical and electronic products
Project tasks: Profile design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Project: Profile design for Electrical wholesaler in Nairobi, Kenya

A Nairobi based wholesaler and retailer of electrical and electronic goods approached us to develop and design a profile they could use for three key purposes:
1. Use as collateral for meetings with Nairobi supermarkets about acquiring shelf space to sell their products
2. Use for introducing Mexipro to organisations in order to supply their goods to the organisations
3. To give individuals who are looking to start businesses and are unsure what they can do

The profile serves the first purpose by showing the supermarket owners that the company takes its business seriously and given the opportunity shall conduct itself in professional manner.

The second objective is met as it shows organisations the broad area of operations Mexipro Agencies operates in and shows what they can supply along with showing the organisations how Mexipro operates along with its values.

Finally, this profile serves as a great tool for those looking to set up a new business because it shows what Mexipro can supply, how you can market it and the benefits of working with Mexipro in your next venture.

This was an exciting project for us to work on because of the very different target markets the one document was to speak to.

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Global Trucks Profile

Client: Global Trucks
Category: Logistics and Transport
Project tasks: Brochure Design
Year: 2015

Project: A brochure design for a leading Kenya Logistics and Transport company

Founded in 2005, Global Trucks Ltd is a family controlled and operated transport company that continues to be a major player in the East African transport scene. They have expanded operations from working only in Kenya to working with neighboring counties within the region.

Global Trucks addresses a need for transport and logistics by development packages that suit all manner of clients, from corporates that want to outsource their transport needs to individuals with one off hauling needs.

We designed a brochure that showed this. We broke the brochure design task into only 8 pages because we felt their target audience wanted the content to be clear and placed in a way that can be consumed easily.

We designed graphics and images to show lots of information in a small space and also to make the profile design appealing to their Kenyan C-Level target audience.