Book Design for Raila Odinga

Client: Raila Odinga
Category: Politician
Project tasks: Book Design
Year: 2017
Country: Kenya

Raila Odinga asked Wit Design Kenya to design for him a book that Kenyans could use to learn about his vision for the financial sector in Kenya. We designed the book to fit in the pocket of readers and they could easily carry around as they went about their daily business. The design of the book allowed users to refer to it quickly in conversation and also to take in the information with ease.

Merge Website Design

Client: Merge Systems
Category: IT Infrastructure
Project tasks: Website Design
Year: 2017
Country: Kenya

Merge Systems is a player in IT infrastructure sector. They specialise in rolling out IT infrastructure that is effective and contains zero bloat allowing its clients to get the most out of the spend made on existing and new equipment. Merge Systems’ unique ability to use different hardware and software providers is what makes makes them uniquely able to maximise infrastructure efficiency.

We developed a website around that foundation, promising current and potential clients that their IT infrastructure will be as efficient as an athlete at the top of their game. Merge makes Winners!

Malu Ranch Brochure Design

Client: Malu Ranch

Category: Profile Design

Year: 2016

Country: Kenya

Project: Develop a short profile that will position the offering appropriately

Malu Ranch approached us to develop a profile for them that was brief, high quality, but, impactful. We went to work by researching the offering and found that the property on sale was unique and what a buyer was actually buying was not property in Malu so much as an untested conservation model.

We packaged this unique insight into a large (because the parcels on sale are large) U-fold profile with short sharp information (because the target clients are a busy sort) and imagery that helped communicate the experiment we perceived buyers would be part of.

We are watching keenly and we are certain that this unique concept will take off and it will work in the process providing a profitable solution to large land owners and the wildlife that happens to find itself on their land.


GES Roll-up Banner Design

Client: GES
Category: Fuel
Project tasks: Roll-up Banner Design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

GES approached Wit and asked us to develop an eye-catching banner designs that would quickly communicate GES’ value proposition to the target client.

We developed two banners for GES. The first focused on how GES’ product cleaned the environment and was geared towards car owners who are environmentally conscience. The second banner focused on the benefit of GES’ product that directly affected the consumer’s wallet. With these two banners she was able to separate her target audiences and speak to them individually about what matters to them.

Finance for Entrepreneurs Flyer Design

Client: Lattice Training Limited
Category: Training
Project tasks: Flyer Design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Lattice Training Limited offers a financial literacy course for business owners. The purpose of this course is to allow the business owners to see the financial plans of thier organisation and how these fit into the vision for the business. The end result is that these entrepreneurs will have a clearer view of their role in the company’s financial plan and will work actively to meet these goals.

Akinyi Odongo Kenya

Client: Akinyi Odongo Kenya

Category: Website, Advertising

Project tasks: Website

Year: 2017
Country: Kenya

Project: Website Design for Akinyi Odongo Kenya, Kenya

Akinyi Odongo Kenya is a company that deals more with the African fashion as their sense of their uniqueness.

When they approached us for a for a company website, we listened as they narrated their need. We managed to offer them a website that expresses both their character of professionalism and their unique passion in the African fashion.

Do you have a unique professional look to be characterized in your website? Feel free to contact us.

Purdy Arms Nairobi Logo Design

Client: Purdy Arms Restaurant
Category: Restaurant
Project tasks: Branding, Logo Design
Year: 2016

Project: Logo design for Purdy Arms Restaurant – A Nairobi restaurant in Karen

The Purdy Arms is a well loved restaurant with deep roots in the Karen community in Kenya. It offers fixed price menus, as well as an à la carte menu. The restaurant also has a bar that allows you to have a few drinks with friends on your way home.

The brief was to create a fresh logo that reflected the owners love for lions and modern art. This is what we developed. Do you need a logo designed? Contact us about it here.


Malu Ranch

Client: Malu Ranch

Category: Website, Advertising

Project tasks:  Website

Year: 2016

Country: Kenya

Project: Website design for Malu Ranch, Kenya

Malu Ranch approached us to give them a new look that clearly represents their ranch as it is. The ranch in the website captures the vision that reveals the natural ambiance and the vast atmosphere of inspiration. The website is easy to maneuver, easy to understand enjoyable to look at and fun to visualize. Take a look

Approach us and we will liken your imagination all in a website.

Ocean Alive Trust

Client: Ocean Alive Trust

Category: Website design

Project tasks:Website design

Year: 2017
Country: Kenya

Project: Website design for a Not-for-Profit Organisation, Kenya

Ocean Alive Trust is a Not-for-Profit organisation that deals with the environmental preservation of the ocean life to create positive change.

They approached Wit Design Kenya to create them a website that will have a fresh look, a better site navigation, great site structures and informative to the audience. That is exactly what we provided.

Please visit their site.

Tharuma Trevisan website

Client: Tharuma Trevisan Advocates

Category: Advocates for justice

Project tasks: Website design

Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Project: Website design for a law firm, Kenya


At first glance on the homepage, any visitor can tell what the company does and what can be achieved in the site.

The picture on the site together with the tagline communicates to the audience the purpose of the company and how they are willing to work with the clients.

The simplicity of the site enables any visitor to maneuver through the site pages and get to understand the company’s services through their elaborate website.

The main site navigation is located at the left side which is easy to find and use, it is done through technique being used by contemporary websites and we brought this to the TTA lawyers website design.

The page design and the content is short and concise and has no elements of contents around the page which makes it simpler to read what is on the site and gets rid of the confusion other website have.

The use of imagery on the site is good because it is limited to the important areas of the site. The page design and the typography is clean and easy to read this goes well with the use of capital letters and color thus bringing emphasis on important areas for the audience to read.



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