MissBee Loft Poster Design

Client: Miss Bee Loft

Category: Hair + Beauty

Project tasks: Poster Design

Year: 2017

Country: Kenya

Project: A beauty products poster, Kenya

MissBee Loft is a Kenyan hair and beauty products company that sources quality hair and beauty products for resale in the Kenyan Market. They approached Wit Design to design a series of posters for their high quality hair products that would be posted all over the country.

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Rumours by Paramount Pub Flier Design

Client: Rumours By Paramount
Category: Pub / Restaurant
Project tasks: Product Flyer Design
Year: 2017
Country: Kenya

Rumours by Paramount is a lovely restaurant and grill that is located in Upper Hill, Nairobi. They approached us to develop a flyer that would be given to folks advertising two key products, their Sunday family fun days and the Live Band on Sunday evenings.

Perk Security Flyer Design

Client: Perk Security Ltd
Category: Security
Project tasks: U-Fold Flyer Design
Year: 2017
Country: Kenya

Perk Security Ltd approached Wit Design about the possibility of developing a flyer for the sales team to use as they make their calls to potential customer premises.

The flyer needed to be brief, but, include information about:
– Perk Security’s history
– The company’s ideologies
– The value the firm offered
– Product range
– Price ranges; and
– Contact information


The flyer needed to contain all the above information, but, still be comfortable to look at and easy to read.

GES Roll-up Banner Design

Client: GES
Category: Fuel
Project tasks: Roll-up Banner Design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

GES approached Wit and asked us to develop an eye-catching banner designs that would quickly communicate GES’ value proposition to the target client.

We developed two banners for GES. The first focused on how GES’ product cleaned the environment and was geared towards car owners who are environmentally conscience. The second banner focused on the benefit of GES’ product that directly affected the consumer’s wallet. With these two banners she was able to separate her target audiences and speak to them individually about what matters to them.

Mpala Research Center Calendar Design

Client: Mpala Research Center
Category: Education
Project tasks: Calendar Design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Mpala Research Center asked us to develop a calendar design for them that allowed users to write on the calendar and also see the dates from across the room. That way it would also serve the function of an agenda. We developed the calendar and printed it from our Nairobi offices.

Finance for Entrepreneurs Flyer Design

Client: Lattice Training Limited
Category: Training
Project tasks: Flyer Design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Lattice Training Limited offers a financial literacy course for business owners. The purpose of this course is to allow the business owners to see the financial plans of thier organisation and how these fit into the vision for the business. The end result is that these entrepreneurs will have a clearer view of their role in the company’s financial plan and will work actively to meet these goals.

Akinyi Odongo Kenya™ Flyers Design

Client: Akinyi Odongo Kenya™
Category: Fashion Design
Project tasks: Flyer Design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Akinyi Odongo Kenya™ briefed us about an upcoming show in New York where fashion designers from all over the world were coming together at one massive buying event in the US. The point of the show was for fashion designers to bring their masterpieces to the show, interact with visitors and leave them with a flyer that could be used to remember the designer and to reach them later for bulk buying needs.

With this brief, we prepared a few sample flyers for the client and tweaked these to her satisfaction. Once a final concept was settled on, a photoshoot was organised and some great photos were taken. We finalised the artwork and printed it here at our Nairobi offices.

Trident Risk Management Social Media Marketing

Client: Trident Risk Management

Category: Social Media Marketing, Advertising

Project tasks:  Adverts, short clip

Year: 2017

Country: Kenya

Project: Digital campaign for Trident Risk, Kenya

Trident Risk Management approached us and asked us to develop a short campaign that would allow Kenyans to know about the organization and the products it sells as well as popularise its new outlet in downtown Nairobi.

We created adverts that we posted regularly, an infographic as well as a short clip for use on social media. At the end of the campaign the client had made more sales and gained thousands of followers.



Client: Eugene

Category: Advertising

Project tasks:  T shirt

Year: 2016

Country: Kenya

Project: Gin with Eugene, Kenya

Eugene approached us to design him a T shirt but we did more than that,  we designed both the character of the T shirt and the person who wears it in a stylish way.

When you want simple we do both simple and stylish in a respectable way.

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