Client: Tharuma Trevisan Advocates

Category: Advocates for justice

Project tasks: Website design

Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Project: Website design for a law firm, Kenya


At first glance on the homepage, any visitor can tell what the company does and what can be achieved in the site.

The picture on the site together with the tagline communicates to the audience the purpose of the company and how they are willing to work with the clients.

The simplicity of the site enables any visitor to maneuver through the site pages and get to understand the company’s services through their elaborate website.

The main site navigation is located at the left side which is easy to find and use, it is done through technique being used by contemporary websites and we brought this to the TTA lawyers website design.

The page design and the content is short and concise and has no elements of contents around the page which makes it simpler to read what is on the site and gets rid of the confusion other website have.

The use of imagery on the site is good because it is limited to the important areas of the site. The page design and the typography is clean and easy to read this goes well with the use of capital letters and color thus bringing emphasis on important areas for the audience to read.