Client: Punguza

Category: Product design

Project tasks: Advertising, Logo Identity Design, Product design

Year: 2016
Country: Kenya

Project: Logo and Product design for a manufacturing company, Kenya

The Punguza product range is designed to eliminate and reduce different aspects of waste. Every product in the range has specific uses – for use in septic tanks, pit latrines and kitchen drainages.

As such it was important to us to differentiate them to ensure clients did not end up with the wrong product in their shopping bags.

Every color represented identifies the important details of the product. From the product’s title, to the mini details of what the product does and its usage. The vibrant colors make each product stand out and that is what makes it a great product since it is easy to the eye and simple to read so as to understand.

Wit Design Kenya made it possible the product to communicate to the its audience.

The above product is what the product looked like before. The two products above have the same color but are for different uses and that could have brought a lot of confusion to the clients who are buying the product for the first time.

Below are the new upgraded looks of the products after Wit Design Kenya worked on the products.