Client: Malu Ranch

Category: Profile Design

Year: 2016

Country: Kenya

Project: Develop a short profile that will position the offering appropriately

Malu Ranch approached us to develop a profile for them that was brief, high quality, but, impactful. We went to work by researching the offering and found that the property on sale was unique and what a buyer was actually buying was not property in Malu so much as an untested conservation model.

We packaged this unique insight into a large (because the parcels on sale are large) U-fold profile with short sharp information (because the target clients are a busy sort) and imagery that helped communicate the experiment we perceived buyers would be part of.

We are watching keenly and we are certain that this unique concept will take off and it will work in the process providing a profitable solution to large land owners and the wildlife that happens to find itself on their land.