Client: Wheelock GmbH
Category: Fitness
Project tasks: Branding, Logo Design
Year: 2015

Project: Logo design for wheelock – the safe bicycle quick release

Wheelock is a novel quick-release for your bike. Wheelock develop the perfect combination of flexibility, safety and design, so you need you no longer have to worry about your bike components!

Wheelock needed a logo design for their Munich-based company. Wheelock’s goal is to manufacture products that prevent theft of bikes and their components. The first product is a lockable quick release system for saddles and wheels.

The logo design we developed included:
– company name “wheeLock”
– our slogan “for safer bikes”
– a picture of a suitable bike component, e.g. wheels, locks, saddles…

The character of the logo design is young, innovative and dynamic like the Wheelock company.