Client: House of Steak
Category: Restaurant
Project tasks: Branding, Logo Identity Design
Year: 2015

Project: House of Steak, Nyam-chom – re-imagined into fine dining

We love Peter’s Idea. He loves Nyama Choma and he loves fine dining. Why not combine the two? He thought, enough with the Brazilians! Hilarious. As with all things nyama in Kenya, he will be selling beers and spirits as well, though not a main focus of his business.

Inspiration for his logo identity design came from the use of good cutlery and personalised service. Peter’s chef will come out and ask you how you want your stake and what you look forward to most about eating it.

During the logo identity design process, we determined that it was important to Peter that his audience felt he took great pride in what he does. They needed to feel that this is something that is here to stay, not a fad or trend that designed today gone tomorrow.

We developed this logo identity design using three key elements. The first is a shield, this demonstrates the longevity Peter sees in his business. The second was the quality cutlery, showing the quality dining experience Peter delivers at House of Steak. The third and final element is a bottle opener, to denote the beverage service that will be on offer both nonalcoholic and alcoholic. The opener is also a hand to denote the care Peter intends to take to make sure the interpersonal experience is good at the House of Steak.


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