Client: Global Trucks
Category: Logistics and Transport
Project tasks: Brochure Design
Year: 2015

Project: A brochure design for a leading Kenya Logistics and Transport company

Founded in 2005, Global Trucks Ltd is a family controlled and operated transport company that continues to be a major player in the East African transport scene. They have expanded operations from working only in Kenya to working with neighboring counties within the region.

Global Trucks addresses a need for transport and logistics by development packages that suit all manner of clients, from corporates that want to outsource their transport needs to individuals with one off hauling needs.

We designed a brochure that showed this. We broke the brochure design task into only 8 pages because we felt their target audience wanted the content to be clear and placed in a way that can be consumed easily.

We designed graphics and images to show lots of information in a small space and also to make the profile design appealing to their Kenyan C-Level target audience.