Client: Zero 2 60
Category: Vehicle sales
Project tasks: Poster Design
Year: 2016
Country: Kenya


Zero 2 60 is a firm that focuses on giving its customers value in one of two ways: The first is that for the same price they can source you a better quality vehicle than one in a car yard here. The second way they seek to offer you as a car buyer in Kenya value is by delivering a like for like vehicle to you for much less money than you would pay for the car here.

They contacted Wit Design Kenya with a brief to develop posters for them that clearly communicated what they were doing as a business and how this offered value to their customers.

We approached this project by selecting popular cars sold in Kenya today and saying how much money you as a customer could save when you bought through Zero 2 60. We wrapped this communication in a message that would resonate with the target market and aligned with their desires when it comes to cars and their use.

poster-2 poster-1