Client: Buttercup Bakery
Category: Bakery
Project tasks: Branding, Logo Identity Design
Year: 2015

Project: Buttercup bakery, mom’s style baking – fresh from the oven

Buttercup Bakery is a lovely little bakery off Naivasha Road. The logo identity is directly derived from the style of the company’s owner, who runs her business efficiently and with style. Buttercup Bakery produces gourmet cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, and pastries, priding itself in having the best quality of baked goods but retaining that quaint homemade touch.

2-Suzies-Bakery-Logo-1 3-Suzies-Bakery-Logo-1 4-Buttercup-BAkery-Logo1 5-Buttercup-BAkery-Logo-1  Buttercup-BAkery-Logo lovely-strawberry-cake