Client: Alain Assedo Opticien
Category: Health
Project tasks: Branding, Logo Identity Design, Stationery
Year: 2015

Project: High end Optician based in Montreal, Canada

A Montreal-based speciality glasses store contacted us in Nairobi and asked us to develop a logo design for them. The store has an exclusive line of frames that are only available from it and at no other locations.

The logo design for Alain Assedo Opticien then needed to be very custom, very clean and very high end, just like the affluent part of Montreal close to the downtown district the store itself is located in.

This logo design was then rolled out on to stationery, that was printed on high quality paper and included business cards and letterhead. We also applied the new logo identity to posters that would be put up in the store itself after some custom photography and the sign that would hand outside the store.

We also applied the new Alain Assedo Opticien logo design to case in which your new custom glasses will come upon purchase from this store.

1-direction 02-logo 3-cards- 3-letterhead 4-T-Shirt 5-sign 6-poster 7-outdoor-sign 8-glasses-case 9-end