We create websites that build your credibility

Websites exist so that potential clients can find you and contact you about work. Their decision to contact you is based on whether your website conveys the credibility required for them to make that call.

Melville Wekesa

Melville Wekesa

CTO / Merge Systems

The team at Wit Design developed a website that tells our story. This is important to us because the value we deliver is closely intertwined with our story. We are happy.

Des Bowden

Des Bowden

Founder / Oceans Alive

We always look to Wit Design when we need a website designed and developed. We are particularly happy with the result of our last collaboration as it is unique and beautiful.

Akiniyi Odongo

Akiniyi Odongo

Owner / Akinyi Odongo Kenya

Working with Wit Design on our website was a pleasure, they worked around our budget to deliver more of a website than we expected at a lower cost than we thought something like that would cost.

Stephen Gugu

Stephen Gugu

Principal / InVhestia

Our website communicates very simply the complex work we do. We are pleased with the end result that quickly explains to potential clients how much risk we help them avoid.

Kenya’s best websites are developed by us

We create unique websites that stand out while meeting specific goals set by you. Do you want a certain number of contact requests? A specific message communicated? We deliver!





10 Working Days


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How we deliver our projects:

1. Strategy & Planning

We work with you to create a goals and objectives that you want your website to meet.

2. Content Structure

We organise your words and images around the experience you want for your website visitors.

3. Graphic Design

We develope beautiful layouts for you to choose from for the look and feel of your website.

4. Developement

With approved look and feels in hand, we develop the website to match your approved designs.

5. Launch & Support

We upload the finished website to your server and help you on your way to using your new website.

6. Optimisation

We show you how to optimise your website so you show up in the search results that matter to you.