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Sometimes, all it takes is a look to fall in love. We understand this simple truth and therefore put every effort into ensuring that your customers find something both useful and amazing to take in.

Bertha Ngaru

Bertha Ngaru

Director / Miss Bee Loft

I run a small business in the human hair segment of the hair and beauty industry in Kenya. I needed a big voice so that my products could proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those from much larger players in the industry. I feel confident with the posters and banners Wit designed for me.

Erik Kingori

Erik Kingori

Director / Perk Security

We needed a flyer for our sales team to use while marketing our security business. The flyer needed to meet specific requirements unique to the security businesss as well as be appealing. We are happy with the flyer that wit delivered.

Agatha Komen

Agatha Komen

Director / Paramount Caterers

I opened a new restaurant in Lower Hill designed for the executives who work in the area. I approached Wit design for a cost effective flyer design that could be handed to drivers as they passed by. I was very happy with the resulting flyers.

Wanjiru Mamabo

Wanjiru Mamabo

Director / Mambo Express Courier

We were launching a new product and needed an effective flyer that we could hand out freely to advertise the product. We used the flyer Wit designed to very good results.

Kenya’s best Posters, flyers and banners are created by us

We develop print communications that work for your business. Whether you are running a promotion or launching a new product, we have the creative and technical skill needed to get your message out there.





2 Working Days


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Getting you artwork that works:

The brief

You tell us your objectives, target markets, project rationale and strategy so we understand your goals.

Content gathering

We go through your resources to find what material might be most pertinent to the design exercise at hand.


We develop three ideas for you to choose from and then refine the idea you choose. We aim for satisfaction.

Media formatting

Once the artwork is finalised, we prepare it for the various media you need, banners, posters, flyers adverts etc.

Proofing and approval

We send you all the final artwork for approval after we have had a final proofing session with it to remove typos.

Production and delivery

We ensure your investment in design is not lost through poor printing. We use only the best printers to produce your work.