I Designed a solution for meditation: Life Hack 1

I have tried meditation for over four years now and have been unable to crack it for two reasons: problem 1: I can’t find something to focus on about my breathing; and problem two; my mind wonders. I may have designed a solution to that. Please test it internet and let me know if it works for you 🙂

1. Find something to do with your breathing to focus on

I kept hearing and reading “focus on your breathing”, and, I would try, and, I would fail. This weekend I pondered on this problem until I decided to do what all good designers do: find something I could personally connect to.

I tried to listen to my breathing and find something in it that I could hold onto or “ride” as I meditated, but, as soon as I begun to get to grips with it, I’d forget all about it. That kind of beats the point of “mindful” breathing.

For me, the solution was to breathe like a ninja*, “make sure you can’t hear/feel yourself breathe,” I kept telling myself.

Breathing like a ninja only solved one of my problems – I found something about my breathing to be mindful about, but, my mind still wondered, and meditation guides say this is fine, but, that you should “just bring your thoughts back to your breathing.”

Well how the hell do you do that? What one central theme can I use consistently to bring my thoughts back?

2. Count

The central theme that worked for me eventually was to count, it kept my thoughts focused on one central theme and it was easy to bring my thoughts back to my breathing.

One… breathing in…

Two… breathing out…

And so on. I found it quite easy to get to 60, which I thought was my target for one minute. Turns out it was seven minutes and 14 seconds. My calculations suggest that my mindful breathing took about 9.2 seconds per breathe.

That’s it.


Life Hack Hypothesis: To meditate successfully, breathe like a ninja: try not to feel or hear your breathing (within reason); and count your breathes in and out (I started with 60 as a target.)

Please test this hypothesis and let me know if I stumbled onto a life hack, or if I just begun my own personal journey to meditation. i.e. It works only for me. Worse yet, if this is how you are supposed to do and I just haven’t done enough research 😀


*This connected to me because Matt Murdock in Daredevil struggled to fight ninjas because they worked not to breathe carelessly, they breathed mindfully i suppose. Lol.

Photo from marvel.com