Facebook just released a free tool every Kenyan business can use for better metrics

In one minute, 130,000 photos are uploaded and 290,000 posts are made on social media. Every minute. Your audience is overwhelmed and Facebook recognised this a while ago so,they created the like button. The like button lets you know if your customers liked what was just shared or were ambivalent about it. They have taken that a step further now, and its good for your business Kenya!

Facebook has now released Reactions. This is an avenue for your customers to do more than like or ignore your posts. This is important for your business because it will:

Let you know how your customers feel about your posts

In the past when your business shared a post with Kenyans, the only feedback they could give is “like.” If like most businesses you have been wanting more insight on how Kenyans are feeling about your posts.

For example, if you have just launched a new product to your community on Facebook, they can now tell you whether they like, love, are amused, wowed, saddened or angered by it.

This sort of feedback can quickly tell you whether to give your current designer a pay rise or a pay cut! Ha ha.

Give you a chance to get customer feedback quickly

Have you been wondering what your customers really want next from your organisation? Are you disinclined to do more expensive focus groups?


Facebook to the rescue. You already have a community on your business’ page and now all you need to do is ask them about it! Granted your surveys will need to be well thought out in order to get quality answers, but, hey! Facebook just gave us business owners a free tool so… let’s be grateful – before they shut our page down. Lol.

Lets you know what your audience tastes really are

Now you can get more feedback about degrees of preference. Facebook has focused four positive emotions and two negative ones. This means that if you are a retailer and you release new shoes to your community, you can measure exactly how many people were wowed by the results, how many loved it and how many just liked it.

That is a huge step up from just likes, you could even determine what to purchase more of for your audience based on this feedback.

All in all, I can only say one thing to Facebook for this: Thanks!