Design the divine for the eyes

“I don’t like that color…”
“There’s a fly in my soup…”
“Excuse me ma’am there’s something in your hair…”

Whether we like it or not, there’s something about arrangement and order we as humans are used to. If something seems out of place, one way or the other we try to make it work for our eyes.

Our eyes feed on any design. Without the eyes we cannot say we hate the color red or hate a given pattern. Even everyday scenarios can upset our sense of visual order,such as when the plates are left on the table after eating. Whether it is fashion, traffic or terrible handwriting that makes your eyes squint, there’s always that eye order we are used to.

Even if you are a disorganized person, you are able to tell when something is out of place in your ecosystem. When you walk in an office, you don’t expect to see people sitting on the tables and putting their computers on seats not only does it look uncomfortable, it just doesn’t feel right. Or when you pick tomatoes, sometimes you don’t know the exact tomatoes you are looking for until they stand out by being riper and looking redder than the rest, even though they all seem red.

Graphic Design is like that, it sets your eye on a certain tone or pattern and then all of a sudden brings out one that stands out or sets you on a certain pattern until it grows on you to the point that you actually like it. Let’s just say that design like beauty, which lies in the eyes of the beholder.

An illustration is when you find yourself moving out from a hall where many people were meeting that has many doors. It is weird how you find yourself making a line to move out from one door when there is probably another unused door. And when suggested to use the unused door, there’s always that doubt that comes out that maybe it is used for official members or the authorized ones excusing you so as to use that one congested door. Well, it’s comforting to stay where you are used to but it’s hard to learn a new way out if you are stuck in one place.


So, we understand if one has a different taste of design, I mean, that’s okay because sometimes, we just need you to help us see what you see. When a client is happy, we as the designers are happy as well because they create creative visions that we might have overlooked. We actually appreciate creativity and that’s why we ask all this questions so as to get in your vision so that we might get it right.