Do you know what goes into making a great company profile in Kenya?

These days, everyone has a profile. Social media has provided a platform whereby an individual or a company can give a brief description about who they are. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter just to name a few. However, this isn’t enough. How do you let potential investors, job candidates, lenders and the media know who you truly are? A company profile gives you that chance to tell your story, how you would like it told.

So, what really goes into creating a company profile? Below are 7 important areas that should be portrayed and featured in your company profile:

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1. A summary of your company/business information

Here, what can be really highlighted is what makes you unique or different. What is your brand position? Your uniqueness needs to be affirmed, be it in your offerings or brand. It is crucial for you to let your prospective and already acquired clients know that they will not get the services you offer anywhere else.

Another thing to mention here is to let clients know who they’re getting into bed with. Are you a multinational, and SME, an upcoming company or even an individual? Make your promise very clear and bold and then work hard to keep your promise on what your brand can do for them.

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2. Details on your company’s products or services

What is your expertise? Highlight your company’s strengths as well as past successes. This can serve as an assurance to prospective clients that they’re in safe hands and you have the capability to deliver on your promise.

Creating a first impression is pretty important so why not sound or rather read like the best company in the world to deliver even when you’re not? “Why?” You may ask.

Put yourself in their shoes (prospects) no one wants to deal with mediocrity. Everyone wants the best return on investment. Your profile should not just be what you can do, rather, it is a place where you promote your brand, to be visible above your competitors.

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3. What solutions are you offering?

I get invited to lots of company cocktails and services/product launches to various places in Nairobi and of course all hosting companies and brands have a profile. However, I get dismayed because when I peruse through them, I have found these companies and brands do not understand that their products, services or a combination of both aren’t the most important thing, rather, the problems they’re solving for the end user are. What problems you solve are the most important part in your profile, so make it count.

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4. Track Record

In 14 years of designing profiles for my clients in Kenya, track records prove to be a challenging area for startups to cover as they haven’t yet handled large projects.

I tell them not to worry as we can focus on the individual qualifications and experience members of their teams possess. Doing this lets us leverage your human resource and turn it into an asset when a company is new. Please note I am in no way telling you to be devious or anything like that, but, mentioning that certain team members were responsible for a certain projects is a way to get around not having work experience under your organization’s belt.

Also worth mentioning you can use this segment to highlight tools or technologies used to meet your customers’ needs. Here, you can also illustrate company’s qualifications by emphasizing on acquired patents, business alliances, partnerships and publications just to name a few.

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5. Excellence, Quality and Class

Poor presentation can lead potential clients away from even reading your company profile.

Poor quality print work, pictures, content and other components could be deal breakers. Just like going on a first date, your outward appearance gives a good impression and prepares others for what is yet to come.

Trust me, I would know. I want to marry her. How you package your profile speaks profoundly about how your clients will perceive you. It may sound trite, but it may go long a way to getting on that second date – sorry, to winning a client or closing that deal(wink!)

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6. Responsiveness & Captivation

Why did you think about having your company profile done in the first place? To be your spokesperson. To speak for you when you’re not around, to justify or give additional information about your company or offerings.

We at Wit Design Kenya design and empower your profile to do just that for you. To the point you check the room before you do a fist bump with your profile because a client called needing your services or products solely because your profile was interactive and attractive.

Plain text doesn’t cut it so include stylish fonts, pictures, and graphs when and where these are needed.


7. Contact Details

Ultimately, it is sine qua non to include your company’s contact information in your company profile. This may seem like something natural to be included. However, including just your telephone number, company address and website isn’t quite enough.

How about including distributors, dealers and sub dealers contact details? Only if you have these, of course. This can build confidence with your clients making it easier for them to have access to your services or products and familiarize themselves with your brand.

In closing, we don’t follow the norm when it comes to creating your company profile. We understand that it should be sales-driven, focused on delivering a return on investment.

Generic profiles have proven to be ineffective compared to targeted profiles and we design company profiles understanding this and ensuring that your targeted customer segment or a particular product that you’re selling is catered to effectively.