Design the divine for the eyes

“I don’t like that color…”
“There’s a fly in my soup…”
“Excuse me ma’am there’s something in your hair…”

Whether we like it or not, there’s something about arrangement and order we as humans are used to. If something seems out of place, one way or the other we try to make it work for our eyes.

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The basics of the Branding Building Process

The branding process if done right can produce very remarkable results. This process mostly includes research through thorough investigation, clarified strategy, excellent design and skills in project management. The process requires patience, enthusiasm and an ability to synthesize information, the only thing that changes from agency to agency is the the depth with each conducted phase, the time length, the size of the team and the resources allocated. It does not matter the nature of the client, or the complexity of the engagement, the branding process steps have to be met or the work will have no satisfying results.

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Brand Dynamics

Brand Dynamics:

It helps evaluate a company’s brand for future growth. It begins as an idea that may either come out as a mainstream or it may disappear. Relevance and permanence are the major factors on a brand. It is only when a company knows the strength of their brand that one can build on it and thus increasing the market share. Like an idea, the truth always passes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, then violently opposed then finally it’s accepted as self evident. So whenever one has a crazy idea for a brand to be recognized, you need not to worry when it not directly accepted, just know that it is just going through a stage.

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Private Labeling:

Nakumatt blue label is one of the best examples to private labeling. They reach out to local manufactures and large manufacturers through providing them with an alternative opportunity to manufacture and retail quality products under its brand name and thus sell those products in price friendly to the customers. Private labeling is therefore whereby a company or a store takes the product of manufacturer but put the name of the company but not the name of the manufacture.

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About a Brand (Mark)

A brand mark is a design element that either provides the visual or the auditory recognition for the product. These design elements can be in form of a symbol, a character, a sound or even a logo. They can be assigned to a number of general categories through its variety of shapes and personalities.

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Why strategic communications? And just a few tips on how to go about it to better your business

Quick one. What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘communication strategy’? A grand master plan on bettering your business, professionals huddled around the boardroom pitching ideas and objectives on how to promote the business’s brand? Well, you aren’t so off course on the definition.

The term itself has been around for close to three decades now and we at Wit design Kenya could not stress enough the value of a well thought out communication strategy. So what exactly does it mean then? It means Infusing communications efforts with an agenda, objective and a master plan. See, not so far off.

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5 Ways a cheap website design can be Expensive

Is a cheap web site design ever worth it? This is one of the many questions you, as a website buyer, should ask yourself. You may think that you’re saving a lot of your hard earned Kenyan shillings but the truth of the matter is, there are pitfalls of cheap website design. You may be one of these two types of clients we at Wit design Kenya come across; buying a new website or updating the current sucky one.

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A quick run down of what Brand Ideals are

These are the intentions of a company or business regardless of their size or their nature to change the lives of people. For a great result in business, the brand has to stand for something that is compelling. The ideals stand out to the customers whether the brand is creating a new product or service, repositioning a brand, working on a merger or creating a retail presence and many more. They are making organizations grow and outperform their competitors. They literally create a bridge to success.

Brand ideals include; vision, meaning, coherence, flexibility, value, sustainability, commitment and differentiation.

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