The basics of the Branding Building Process

The branding process if done right can produce very remarkable results. This process mostly includes research through thorough investigation, clarified strategy, excellent design and skills in project management. The process requires patience, enthusiasm and an ability to synthesize information, the only thing that changes from agency to agency is the the depth with each conducted phase, the time length, the size of the team and the resources allocated. It does not matter the nature of the client, or the complexity of the engagement, the branding process steps have to be met or the work will have no satisfying results.

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Do you know what goes into making a great company profile in Kenya?

These days, everyone has a profile. Social media has provided a platform whereby an individual or a company can give a brief description about who they are. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter just to name a few. However, this isn’t enough. How do you let potential investors, job candidates, lenders and the media know who you truly are? A company profile gives you that chance to tell your story, how you would like it told.

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What is a company Profile and reasons why your Business needs one

If you have just opened or launched a new business in Nairobi or anywhere in Kenya and you would like to make a good first impression, to prospective clients, then a well-prepared company profile design is an essential marketing tool for your Kenyan business.

Well, what is a company profile? Google’s definition of a company profile is: a professional introduction of the business which aims to inform the audience about its products and services. Another definition is: a description of a firm’s history, structure, resources, performance and reputation. I prefer the latter.

A powerful company profile is a great way to attract customers and prospects. However, it need not be sophisticated in the hopes that it will bring more clients. This is a misconception which numerous managers and business owners have.

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Design is a real estate game

The mind, the space, the location it will reside (quality)

Any design work you do for your clients is all about real estate. Mental real estate: Do you capture the key brand position? Where does your target file your communication in their mind? Literal real estate: What resources do you consume to communicate your message? Does your end product have presence?

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