About a Brand (Mark)

A brand mark is a design element that either provides the visual or the auditory recognition for the product. These design elements can be in form of a symbol, a character, a sound or even a logo. They can be assigned to a number of general categories through its variety of shapes and personalities.

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A quick run down of what Brand Ideals are

These are the intentions of a company or business regardless of their size or their nature to change the lives of people. For a great result in business, the brand has to stand for something that is compelling. The ideals stand out to the customers whether the brand is creating a new product or service, repositioning a brand, working on a merger or creating a retail presence and many more. They are making organizations grow and outperform their competitors. They literally create a bridge to success.

Brand ideals include; vision, meaning, coherence, flexibility, value, sustainability, commitment and differentiation.

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Introduction to the basics of Branding

A Brand is how a company defines themselves and how others define the company. A brand has three primary functions and they include;
1. They stand out thus helping consumers choose from other choices.
2. They reassure the consumers that they have made the right choice with the product or service that they have purchasing.
3. They encourage the customers to identify with the brand through their engagements hence brings about customer loyalty.

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Design thinking in everyday life

I was at the ABC Towers off Waiyaki way in Nairobi on Thursday last week and saw a sign in the corner of my eyes as I was using the urinal, yes, I am human. I couldn’t read the sign and that bothered me, but, I had something else in my hands and needed to focus on that.

While I was trying to go about my business, I started to get bothered by that sign. I didn’t like that I couldn’t read it. Then it occurred to me that perhaps it wasn’t for me, the urinal user, perhaps it was for someone else. The urinal cleaner.

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5 ways to tell if you are getting graphic design work

Are you a good graphic designer in Kenya? I often get tasked that question. I always wondered how to answer that question because I know everyone has their own tape measure. So, Wit Design Kenya might be great according to one client because of his/her own set of standards and not so great to another because they have a different set of standards.

Over the years, that simple question has led me to come up with metrics for good graphic design work that allow everyone to bring their own bias to the table, but, leave feeling like the result can be judged by everyone fairly equally. After 13 years as a graphic designer in Kenya I have five key metrics to help you decide if you are getting great graphic design work done for you.

Here goes…

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