Design the divine for the eyes

“I don’t like that color…”
“There’s a fly in my soup…”
“Excuse me ma’am there’s something in your hair…”

Whether we like it or not, there’s something about arrangement and order we as humans are used to. If something seems out of place, one way or the other we try to make it work for our eyes.

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Brand Dynamics

Brand Dynamics:

It helps evaluate a company’s brand for future growth. It begins as an idea that may either come out as a mainstream or it may disappear. Relevance and permanence are the major factors on a brand. It is only when a company knows the strength of their brand that one can build on it and thus increasing the market share. Like an idea, the truth always passes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, then violently opposed then finally it’s accepted as self evident. So whenever one has a crazy idea for a brand to be recognized, you need not to worry when it not directly accepted, just know that it is just going through a stage.

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Private Labeling:

Nakumatt blue label is one of the best examples to private labeling. They reach out to local manufactures and large manufacturers through providing them with an alternative opportunity to manufacture and retail quality products under its brand name and thus sell those products in price friendly to the customers. Private labeling is therefore whereby a company or a store takes the product of manufacturer but put the name of the company but not the name of the manufacture.

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5 Branding Lessons Audi Taught Us in The Transporter Refueled

I often see superb advertising feats in movies, some are game changers like how the bond villain’s car (a yet-to-be-released Jaguar) was not destroyed in the movie Spectre, but, 007’s Aston was. This was a cool thing for Jaguar-Land Rover as villains always suffer destruction at the hands of bond.


All that said, usually there aren’t that many lessons to be learned from a brand in a movie. That is, until now. I watched the Transporter Refueled and kept seeing valuable lessons in branding that any Kenyan business can use in its branding strategy. I will jump Straight into these now…

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How you will use your logo determines how it should look

Are you the type of Kenyan who takes great care when dressing up? If so, that means that you understand the importance of how you look to the Kenyan you will meet. You understand that what you wear is designed to reflect who you are as a person. It shows how well prepared you are, how seriously you take the encounter, the person you are meeting and so on.

The wise Kenyan will dress appropriately for various situations and thus communicate an immense amount of information about themselves to the people who they will meet. Dressing right for a business meeting in Nairobi CDB or a hike at some remote Kenyan location. The way they dress will also communicate to the people that will simply see them, even if they have not even speak yet.

I am speaking to how your dress affects the desire others may have to even speak to you. Let us link this understanding to your logo design.

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Design is a real estate game

The mind, the space, the location it will reside (quality)

Any design work you do for your clients is all about real estate. Mental real estate: Do you capture the key brand position? Where does your target file your communication in their mind? Literal real estate: What resources do you consume to communicate your message? Does your end product have presence?

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