About a Brand (Mark)

A brand mark is a design element that either provides the visual or the auditory recognition for the product. These design elements can be in form of a symbol, a character, a sound or even a logo. They can be assigned to a number of general categories through its variety of shapes and personalities.

There is usually no better approach than the other, the important aspect is that the design solution responds to the problem that needs to be solved.

Topology of marks:

Word marks: This is whereby only letters or typography is used to make up a logo. The best ones use a legible word that has distinctive fonts and are combined with abstract or pictorial elements For example Coca cola, Google, Safaricom e.t.c.


Letterforms: This is a unique design that uses one or more letters as an iconic symbol to represent a brand. For example Unilever, Facebook, Yahoo e.t.c. They are easy to apply on an App icon. The letter has to be unique in its personality thus brings out the significant meaning.


Emblems: This is a mark whereby the company name is extremely connected to a pictorial element. They are never separated. They often look good on a uniform, package or on a sign. For example TiVo, Mozilla Firefox e.t.c.


Pictorial Marks: This is a design that is immediately recognizable image that has been simplified and stylized to represent a brand. For example Apple, Twitter, Shell e.t.c. The simpler the form the more difficult it is to draw. Most designers translates its simplicity by playing with the light and shadow and also by balancing positive and negative space.


Abstract/symbol marks: They are mostly used on intangible products or services this is because they use a mark to bring out a big idea of the company on the logo. They are mostly used in big companies that have numerous and unrelated divisions. For example Liquid agency, Rio 2016.


Characters: They usually personalize the company’s values or attributes. Most of the time, they usually become the stars of the advertising campaign being both customers and children’s favorites. They usually have a distinctive and unique personality and appearance. For example the Jollibee is famous for its cute appearance and an amazing dancer, always making customers thirsty to see more of its moves thus getting its products. The other character that wins much admiration is the minion. Its always just fun to see how inaudible they are yet very entertaining to customers.


So the next time you want a logo design that communicates your brand, at least you have a lot of range to choose from. Your identity should stand out from the crowd thus the more unique and simple, the better.

– Maggy Dota, Creative