5 Reasons why people love their website designer

On one of the articles that we recently posted, we highlighted various reasons as to how a website designer can cost you a lot for your Kenyan business. Well now, we are here to show you just why not all of us are the proverbial rotten potatoes… and how important it is for you to have a website.

  1. My website designer acts like my business partner

We don’t just provide a service for your business. We want to make sure that you succeed just as much. We’re committed just like a business partner would be. We view our relationship with all our clients as long term, aiming at always hearing great feedback from you as to how much your business grew ever since we made their presence felt online. Ultimately our clients’ success is essential for us at Wit design Kenya to be in business.

  1. My website designer is quite swift

Whenever our clients need anything changed or posted on their website, we act fast in providing an effective solution to such needs. This is one of the biggest compliments we get from new and retained clients.

Promptness is very important especially to small business owners in Kenya where they have to do so much more than most others just to keep their businesses running. We are aware that business owners could lose money and potential customers if their website isn’t up to date or has bugs.

  1. My website designer provided me with the best employee

Your website will always be the best employee and whom you’ll never regret investing in no matter the cost.  It provides you with global presence reaching out to potential clients who could be on the other side of the globe and it wouldn’t cost you or them an extra shilling. and you now what? It suddenly makes no difference or effort working globally or locally.

Here’s just a list of what your website can do for you:

  • It’s your own 24/7 store
  • Explains in details what your products/services are
  • Could feature a shopping cart for selling your products
  • Shows location to your premises
  • Acts as your sales person through search engine and search engine optimization
  1. My website designer is an expert in communication

Having a website is one of the most essential marketing tools when it comes to your business making money online. They serve as great advertising for your products or services without paying a premium which is often the case when it comes to other kinds of advertising.

Websites serve as brochures that can be viewed, are interactive and are quickly shared by people to prospective clients who are already looking for you.

That is the power of a website. People don’t need to visit you or talk to you. Information is written on it once but it can be reproduced endlessly.  It should run efficiently and by itself while reaching out to people for an extensive period of time.

  1. My website designer provides me with the needed support and tools in getting visitors to my website

A good and experienced website designer should provide you with creative ways to draw traffic to your website. It doesn’t and shouldn’t end at building it.

You have to be able to attract traffic. How? Well through search engine optimization, targeted social media platforms, Facebook ads, and attractive business cards design. These and much more are important to maximize to the fullest for your business’s success. You need an expert to help you come up with such ideas and how to go about it effectively.

We would love to hear from you and show more love through our exceptional and revered work in website design.